Using Bibles

First and foremost, the Olive Tree Bible App is intended as a digital means to study the Word of God.

In this article, we will go over how to access and navigate within Bibles. In these examples, we are using an iPad, though the functionality will be similar in all of our app variations.

For help downloading our app and/or books, please review our platform specific Help Articles here.

Open a Bible from the Library

Any Bible version downloaded within your app will be available to open from your Library. 


We have two different views in the Library, List View and Grid View. List View has a small cover image and the full text title displayed. Grid View is more compact with no text title displayed but a larger cover image. To change between these two views, tap on the Options icon in the upper right corner: 




These screenshots show how to do this within the iPad app. The steps are similar in all our supported platforms. For more specific steps for your platform, please check out one of the Help Articles listed:

iPad/iPhone Mac Windows / Android

For this example, I have selected the New International Version (NIV). 


When you select the Bible cover image and/or title, this Bible will display in your main reading window.


Scrolling in Bible 

We have two different ways to scroll through the Bible text or any other book you have open within the Olive Tree Bible App. One way is Flick Scrolling (up/down) and the other way is Page Scrolling (left/right). To choose your preferred method, follow the steps below. 

Tap on Settings (gear icon):


In the Quick Settings menu, toggle Vertical Scrolling off to use Page Scrolling instead. To use Flick Scrolling, you will toggle Vertical Scrolling on.


You'll notice you can also adjust the Font Size, Theme and Font Face in these Quick Settings.

Navigating the Bible

To navigate to a specific Scripture, tap 'Select Verse.'


This will open a grid of all the books of the Bible.


In this example, I want to go to Mark 3:16. First, I tap on 'Mar':


Then I tap on '3':


Finally, I select '16':


Now my Bible is open to Mark 3:16!


Our Verse Chooser has some additional customization as well. If you tap on the Options (three-dot) icon in the upper right corner of the verse chooser, you will see the following:


When you tap Enable Shading, you will see colors in the grid view that show the classification of the Bible books:


When you tap on Compact Grid, the Verse Chooser changes to a smaller, more compact grid:


Finally, List Layout changes the display from a grid to a more traditional Table of Contents: 


You can swap these Verse Chooser settings back and forth whenever you choose by tapping that same Options icon. 


We hope that this introduction to using Bibles in the Olive Tree Bible App has been helpful for you. You can find all of our Bibles on our website!

If you have any more questions, please submit a request to our Customer Support team here. They are happy to help! 

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