Android - Library (NEW Design!)

The Library is where you can access the books associated with your Olive Tree account. This article also has other information related to your Library like recommended titles and notifications.

You can access the Library by tapping on the Library icon on the toolbar.


These are the icons and options you will find within the Library:



1. Library Tabs

  • Cloud: All of the titles associated with your Olive Tree account will be listed here. An arrow over the cover image indicates that the title is not yet downloaded to the device. Tap the arrow to initiate the download.
  • Device: The Device tab lists all of your downloaded books. Any audio titles will also be listed here, regardless of whether they have been downloaded. (Audio titles can be streamed over an internet connection or downloaded for offline use. For more information on Audio, click here.)
  • Recommended: This tab has titles we recommend for you based on the books in your Olive Tree account.

2. Filter

  • Tap 'Add Filter' to filter your Library by category such as Favorites, Bibles, Audio, and more. If in place of '+Add Filter' you see something else, then your Library may currently be filtered. Tap here, then select 'All' to remove the filter. 

3. Sort

  • Tap 'Sort' to sort your titles by Title, Author, or Recent. 

4. Search

  • Tap 'Search' to search your Library. Titles in your Library will be listed first under "Results from your Library'. You will also see results from our Store listed below "More Results from Olive Tree".


5. Store

  • Tap the Store icon to browse and purchase additional resources such as other Bible translations, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Christian eBooks, etc.

6. Notifications

  • Tap the Notification icon to view notices such as updates to your resources, download statuses, etc. 

7. Options

  • Tap the Options icon to access the various options available for your Library:


  • Enable Grid/List View: This option allows you to view your titles either in a list view or a grid view. Here are examples of each view:

5_Library_Grid.jpg 4_Library_List.jpg

  • Toggle Full-screen Library: If you are using a tablet, this option will allow you to toggle your Library to a full-screen view. 


  • Manage Storage: This screen will display the storage your downloaded titles are using. If you wish to remove any of the downloaded titles, tap 'Offload Resources'.


  • Library Settings: This screen displays the various Library Settings:




In the Library, you can set resources as favorites and sort them into your preferred order to make them easier to find. This option is especially helpful for users with a large library, though users with smaller libraries can also take advantage of this tab.

  • To access Favorites, tap 'Add Filter'. 


  • Select 'Favorites'.


  • Any titles that you have already added as a Favorite will be listed here. To add more titles as Favorites, tap 'Edit'.


  • A green heart indicates that a title has already been added as a favorite. Tap the green heart again to remove from your favorites.


  • Tap an opaque heart to add another title as a favorite. 


  • Tap 'Done' to take the Favorites list out of edit mode.


Remove a Resource:

To remove a downloaded resource from your Library, follow these steps to offload:

  • Tap the Library icon.
  • Confirm you are on the 'Device' tab.


  • Tap and hold a title and then tap 'Offload'.


Once a title has been offloaded, it can still be downloaded again from the 'Cloud' tab of the Library.



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