Windows - Library

The Library is where your resources are located. You can access the Library by tapping on the Library icon on the toolbar. If the toolbar is hidden, click once in a blank space on the screen to bring the toolbar up again.


While viewing the Library, you can filter between Books, Audio, and Books & Audio using the menu at the top of the Library. 

Library Views

We offer two different library views, List and Grid View. To change between views, select the Options icon (three dots) in the lower right corner of the menu.

UWP7-4_LibraryViewAllList.png UWP7-4_LibraryViewAllGrid.png

Library Tabs

There are several tabs in the Library that give you alternative ways to access your resources. Here are descriptions of each tab:

View All

This category shows all of the resources currently in your Library. This includes both downloaded and non-loaded resources. 

Resources with an arrow to the left of the cover image have yet to be downloaded to your device. Tap the white arrow in the green circle to begin the download of the resource. You'll know the resource has been downloaded when green circle disappears from the left side of the resource.

Tap on a downloaded resource to open it in the main window.

UWP7-4_LibraryViewAllList.png UWP7-4_LibraryViewAllGrid.png


This list shows the resources you have recently opened to make them easier to find quickly. Recents can also be helpful if you need to switch back and forth between the same few resources. 

UWP7-4_LibraryRecentsList.png UWP7-4_LibraryRecentsGrid.png


In the Favorites tab, you can set resources as favorites and sort them into your preferred order to make them easier to find. This option is especially helpful for users with a large library, though users with smaller libraries can also take advantage of this tab. 

UWP7-4_LibraryFavoritesList.png UWP7-4_LibraryFavoritesGrid.png

To add/remove a resource from your Favorites, follow these steps:

  • Select the Library icon.
  • Locate the resource in the 'View All' or 'Recents' tab.
  • Right Click or Tap and Hold the resource.
  • Select 'Favorite'.

You can also edit which resources are in Favorites and the order they are shown by selecting the Favorites tab of the menu and dragging the resources into the order you prefer. 


In the Categories tab, you can see the resources in your Library sorted into categories. While this is helpful for users with larger libraries, this also allows you to view only the resources in a certain category, e.g. Devotionals, or see all resources from a certain publisher or author. 

UWP7-4_LibraryCategoriesList.png UWP7-4_LibraryCategoriesGrid.png

Remove a Resource

If you would like to clean up your Library, removing and archiving a resource is easy. To remove a resource from your Library, follow these steps:

  • Select the Library icon.
  • Remove and archive the title one of these two ways:
    • Right Click the title and select 'Remove and Archive'.
    • Tap and hold a resource and tap 'Remove and Archive'.

Archived resources will not show in your Library, but they will still be available for download in the Purchased tab in the Store.

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