Enhanced Notes FAQ

This article will cover some commonly asked questions regarding our Enhanced Notes feature. If you aren't familiar with Enhanced Notes, please see the Help Articles under the 'How do I use Enhanced Notes?" question. You can also view the description and purchase Enhanced Notes on our website here.

How much do Enhanced Notes cost? 

The Enhanced Notes feature is available for purchase at an introductory price of $19.99 (regular price of $39.99). This is a one-time purchase for lifetime access to Enhanced Notes. You can purchase Enhanced Notes on our website here.

Do I have to buy the feature for each of my devices? 

You only need to purchase Enhanced Notes once and it will be available to use on all supported devices. If you purchased this feature set within the app on your iPad/iPhone, Mac, or Android device, the transaction is processed through either Apple or Google Play. As long as you are logged into your Olive Tree account within the app, Enhanced Notes should be registered automatically to your Olive Tree account. If you have any trouble with this feature set appearing in your account, please refer to the information in this article

Which version of the app do I need to use this feature?

Enhanced Notes require app version 7.14 or later for Android, iPad/iPhone and Windows. 6.14 or later is required for Mac.

How do I use Enhanced Notes? 

Once you have purchased this feature set, the Enhanced Notes functionality will be visible when editing a note within the app. We have detailed help articles linked below:

iPhone/iPad - Enhanced Notes

Android - Enhanced Notes

Windows - Enhanced Notes

Mac - Enhanced Notes

Why did I lose formatting on a note?

When using an app version that was available prior to the Enhanced Notes app update, you will not see the formatting you added in the up-to-date app(s). Additionally, if you edit a note within the older app version, some or all of the formatting you added in the up-to-date app will be removed when a sync occurs.

We recommend updating all of your devices to the latest app version to prevent this. Enhanced Notes is supported by these minimum app versions:

Android 7.14
iOS 7.14
Windows 7.14
Mac 6.14

Why doesn't formatted text that is copied and pasted from another app keep its formatting within the Olive Tree Bible App?

You may notice that when you paste formatted text into the Olive Tree Bible App, the text may or may not retain that original formatting. This depends on which app you're pasting text from.

For example, we find that when you paste formatted text from Apple Pages into the Olive Tree app, the formatting is retained. However, when pasting from Microsoft Word or the web, the formatting is lost. It's worth noting that if you paste text copied from Microsoft Word, the web, and other sources into Pages the formatting is also lost.

This is related to the way that some programs copy data to the clipboard and is not something we're able to control on our end. We recommend that you use a program such as Pages if possible because it will provide a better experience when copying/pasting between it and the Olive Tree Bible App.


We hope that these FAQs on Enhanced Notes have been helpful! If you have not yet purchased this feature, you can do so on our website here. If you need any further assistance, you can contact our Customer Support team. We are always glad to help!  

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