In-App Purchases

What is an in-app purchase?

Resources for the Olive Tree Bible App can be purchased in two ways: from and through the in-app store. “In-app” refers to the store within the Olive Tree Bible App. In-app purchases are processed through third parties, such as Apple or Google Play.

  • iPhone/iPad - Apple/iTunes
  • Mac - Apple/iTunes
  • Android - Google Play
  • Kindle – Amazon

Why aren’t all products available in the in-app store?

There are various reasons why a resource might not be available for in-app purchase. For example, if the title is new to Olive Tree, it may not be approved yet for purchase within the in-app store. There could also be pricing concerns. For example, some titles we sell cost more than the highest tier in the in-app store. If a specific resource isn’t available in the in-app store, check Purchases made on our website can be downloaded from within the app on your devices through your Olive Tree account.

Why is the price different within the in-app store and

There are various reasons why pricing may differ between the in-app and stores. Some sale pricing may be so low that we cannot offer this price in-app. Additionally, due to tiered pricing systems, some prices are rounded up to the next tier within the in-app stores. This is especially true if you are located in another country because prices are converted to the local currency and then rounded up to the closest tier available.

If you are eligible for upgrade pricing on a resource or have a coupon code to use, you will need to complete the purchase on instead of in the in-app store since upgrade pricing and coupon codes are only available on our website. For the best pricing and a generous 30 day return period, we suggest purchasing through

Why isn’t my in-app purchase appearing in my Olive Tree account?

When you make a purchase on, the resource is automatically registered to your Olive Tree account. Olive Tree processes the payment and the order information is saved to your Olive Tree account. When you make an in-app purchase, the transaction is processed by a third party, not by Olive Tree. If you are logged into your Olive Tree account at the time of purchase, a $0.00 “order” should appear in your Olive Tree order history to indicate that the resource has been registered to your account. This ensures access to the resource on all your supported devices. If for some reason this registration didn’t occur properly, there are steps you can follow to register the purchase to your Olive Tree account.

Please see the following articles for detailed registration steps:

Why does my purchase appear as $0.00 in My Order History at

A $0.00 order indicates either a free resource or a registration of a resource that was purchased from an in-app store. Full order information and receipts can be accessed through the appropriate third party, e.g. Apple, Google Play, etc.

Can I return items purchased from within the in-app store?

Since in-app purchases are processed through a third party, Olive Tree cannot guarantee a refund. In order to request a refund from Apple, follow the steps at this link. Olive Tree is able to process Google Play refunds. Please contact our Customer Support team here to request a refund for purchases made on your Android device. 

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