Android - Downloading Audio Resources

We are so excited to offer audio Bibles and books for use in the Olive Tree Bible App. You can see the audio resources we have available on our website here (audio books) and here (audio Bibles).

Before you can download your resources, you will need to download the app and login. Once you have logged in, follow the steps below to access your audio resources. 

Stream or Download Audio Books

The process for downloading audio books in the app is different than downloading books. Due to the size of audio files, we understand that you may not want all the audio files stored on your device. As a result, we give you a few options:

  1. Add an audio book to your library and stream it. This option uses minimal space on your device, but does require an internet connection.
  2. Download the full book for offline listening. This option uses the most space on your device.
  3. Download individual books of the Bible to listen offline. This allows you to keep certain books of the Bible on your device without using as much space. This is only available for audio Bibles.

We will go over each of these options in more detail below.

Stream your Audio Resource

Open the Olive Tree Bible App on your device and tap the Store icon.


Tap the Account tab in the lower right corner.


Find your audio resource in the list and tap Download. (In this example, we are using an audio Bible.)


This will add your audio resource to your Library so that it is available to stream when you are connected to the Internet. Tap Open to open the audio player.


Tap the Play icon to play the audio resource.


If you have the corresponding Bible text downloaded within the Olive Tree Bible App, you will note that the text displays in conjunction with the audio Bible, as seen below. (This only works with audio Bibles.)


Download your Audio Resource

To listen to the audio resource offline, tap the white arrow in the blue triangle in the corner of the audio Bible image. Tapping on this arrow will bring you to your Manage Download screen.



As you see, you can download individual books of the Bible or select Download All. In this way, you can manage your device storage and only download what you need to.

In this example, I am downloading Genesis only. You will see the progress reach 100% as it downloads. Once the download has completed, you will see that the green download arrow is now gone for Genesis.


When the audio resource has been downloaded, you can listen to the downloaded content without internet access.

If you would like to see and manage how much space audio resources use on your device, visit our Manage Storage article for more information or continue reading below.

Manage Download

If you decide to uninstall some or all of the audio resource after it has been downloaded, you can tap the Options icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of the audio player window and select Manage Downloads.


Tap Edit.


This will reveal a "minus" symbol, which gives you the option to delete the download when you tap it.


You will see the "minus" symbol change back to a green circle with a downward facing arrow, which indicates the file is no longer downloaded. Tap 'Done' when you're finished.

You will no longer be able to listen to that audio Bible content offline. However, it is still available for streaming, and you are always welcome to download it again in the future.

Offload Audio Resource

You can also offload a full audio Bible. Offloading an audio Bible removes the files from your device to free up memory, but still leaves it available in your Library to stream with an Internet connection.

To offload an audio Bible, tap on the Library icon (three books with a cross). Tap the Options icon (three dots) in the upper right corner. Tap Manage Storage.


Tap Offload Resources.


Tap the Audio resource.


Tap Offload All.


For instructions on how to use your audio resources in the app, check out this article: Android - How to Use Audio.

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