Android - Manage Storage

We have provided a way for you to manage storage in your Olive Tree Bible App by offloading resources to free up space on your device. This article will give you steps for how to do this with both ebooks and audio Bibles. 

Open the Library by tapping the Library icon from the toolbar.


Tap the Options icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of the Library and tap Library Settings.


Tap Manage Storage.


On the next screen, you will see two graphs. The first graph shows the storage on your device. You can see how much space the Olive Tree Bible App uses as well as how much space is used by other apps on your device.


On the second graph, you can see how much space each resource uses within the app's storage. The five resources that use the most space are shown below the graph. 


You will then see a button labeled "Offload Resources". Tap this button.


A full list of resources will appear along with the space each resource is using. When you tap an ebook, you will see a dialog box appear under the ebook. The text in this box will tell you how much space offloading this resource will free up on your device. Tap 'Offload' to remove the download.


There are more offload options available for an audio Bible. From the list, tap an audio Bible. This will take you to a new window with a list of each individual Bible book in the audio resource. You can either offload the full downloaded Bible or you can offload specific Bible books. 


To offload an individual Bible book, tap the red circle with a white minus sign. This will remove the downloaded audio Bible book from your device. If you want to offload a full audio Bible, tap the 'Offload All' button. This will remove the downloaded audio Bible from your device. 


If you want to use the offloaded resource in the future, you can download it again from the Cloud tab of the Store. You can learn how to download your resources in this article

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