Android (OT 7.4)- How to Use Audio

For instructions on how to download audio products visit Android (OT 7.4)- Downloading Audio Resources.

Listening to Audio Bibles

Once you set up an audio book for streaming, it will appear in your library. To view only audio books in your library you can filter your Library using the drop down at the top of the window. When you select an audio book from the library, you will open the audio player that is shown below. 

Android7-3_AudioPlayer.png Android7-3_AudioOptions.png

  1. Exit
  2. Options
    • Bookmarks - A list of the bookmarks that you have created.
    • Sleep Timer - Choose how long you would like audio to play. 
    • View Details - See more information about the current audio book.
    • Manage Download - Choose what books of the bible are downloaded to your device. 
  3. Location Bar
    • Drag along the bar to move through the current chapter.
    • Tap the reference to open the navigation menu. 
  4. Bookmark - mark your place to easily locate later.
  5. Main controls
    • Rewind
    • Play
    • Fast Forward
  6. Volume
  7. Speed
  8. Connect
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