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We are happy you are using Olive Tree for your Bible Study!

For just $2.99 to $5.99/month you can subscribe to a Bible Study Pack, which will provide you access to a curated library including items like Study Bibles, a one-volume Bible commentary, a Bible dictionary, a maps set, a Bible atlas, a cross reference set, and a concordance that is tied to Strong’s numbers for basic original language study. Buying these resources individually through Olive Tree would cost over $300. 

How to Signup

We offer four different subscription bundles: the NIV Bible Study Pack, the ESV Bible Study Pack, the NKJV Bible Study Pack and the Starter Pack.


NKJVBSP.png   Starter.jpg

You can sign up for your NIV, ESV or NKJV subscription directly on our website by clicking here. You can sign up for the Starter pack by clicking here.

How to Use

Once you subscribe, the study Bibles, maps, and other titles included in your subscription will be added to your Library. Learn more about the resources included and how to use them here.

We recommend opening a Bible in the main window, and the Resource Guide in the Study Center for the best study experience. The Resource Guide will display content related to the Bible verses you are viewing in the main window. As you navigate to other Bible verses in the main window, the Resource Guide will update to show you relevant study notes, maps, etc. 

How to Manage/Cancel Your Subscription

If your subscription was setup directly on our website, you will be able to manage your subscription there as well. If you subscribed within the app on your Android device, the subscription is managed by Google. 

To manage the subscription on our website, click the following link and login to your Olive Tree account:

  • Login at:

  • Click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ on the account page. 

  • For subscriptions that were setup on our website, options will appear to Edit Payment Method, Update Billing Cycle or Cancel Subscription.

  • For subscriptions set up in-app, a link to how to manage your subscription through Google Play will be found here. 

To manage a Google Play subscription from within the Olive Tree Bible App: 

  • Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner of the app.

  • Tap ‘Account Details’ in the upper left corner of the Menu.

  • All Bible Study Packs you are subscribed to will be listed here. Tap ‘Manage Subscription’

  • You will be directed to Google Play where they will list all active subscriptions. Tap on the subscription you wish to manage.

  • Here you have two options:
    1. Update your billing information.
    2. Cancel the subscription.

More questions? Click here for our subscription FAQ's.

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