Windows - Settings

Settings for the app are located by tapping the settings icon from the toolbar.


Below is a list of the different settings located in the Settings icon on the toolbar. You'll also find a brief explanation where clarity may be necessary. 

Quick Settings Menu

(Tap the Settings icon.)


  1. Font Size - A quick way to change the font in the main window
  2. Select Theme - Choose between the default theme or low light theme.
  3. Font Face - A quick way to change the font face 
  4. Advanced Settings - Access additional settings that are described below. 

Advanced Settings 

(Tap the Settings icon and choose Advanced Settings.)


  1. General
    1. Default Bible for Hyperlinks
    2. Sync
    3. Daily Verse notifications
  2. Display
    1. Color Jesus Words
    2. Strong's numbers
    3. Verses start new lines
    4. Notes and highlights in text
  3. Copy & Share
    1. Verse Numbers
    2. Reference
    3. Title
  4. Resource Guide Settings - Here you can choose what products to see in the resource guide and what order they appear in. Select a section to edit what appears. Use the switches to turn resources on or off. Drag the resources to change their order.
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