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Please note that the Windows Desktop (Bible Study 6) app is no longer being updated and is offered "as is". Our current Windows app is available for download in the Microsoft Store (requires Windows 10). Detailed download steps can be found here.

Search is a feature in the Olive Tree app that will help you move quickly to a Bible verse or find words in the books you have downloaded to your Library. Here's a tutorial about the basics of how to search in the Bible Study App on Windows Desktop.

How to Search:

First, locate the search box near the top of the window. You can either type in a specific verse, e.g. Psalm 139:4, or a topic, e.g. grace, Samuel, etc. Typing in a specific verse will take you right to that verse in the main window of the app. Typing in a topic will open the Search Results in the split window. You'll notice that the Search Results give you the occurrences of your topic in all the books you have downloaded to your Library.

To open a search result, click on the resource name, e.g. KJV Strong's, and then click on the individual verse you want to open. The verse will open in the split window. You can use the back arrow in the corner of the split window to return to your search results.

Change the Search Range:

If you want to narrow your search, you can change the search range. To do this, click on 'Entire Bible' and choose your search range from the drop-down menu that appears: 

You can broaden your search range again by clicking on 'Entire Bible'.

For more information on the advanced search options our app, please refer to this article.

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