Windows Desktop - Categories

Please note that the Windows Desktop (Bible Study 6) app is no longer being updated and is offered "as is". Our current Windows app is available for download in the Microsoft Store (requires Windows 10). Detailed download steps can be found here.

Categories are one way to organize your annotations (notes, highlights, etc.) in the Olive Tree app on your Windows computer. This article will show you how to create, add annotations to, edit and delete categories.

Creating a Category:

Start with the Bible open in your main window. Open the split window by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner. Click on 'My Stuff'.

Click 'View All' in the My Stuff split window. Click 'Add Category' in the lower right corner of the split window. A pop-up window will appear on the screen with a space to type in the new category name. Click the icon to the right of the title box and the category will appear under the 'Subcategories' heading in the My Stuff list.

Adding Annotations to Categories:

Start on the main My Stuff menu (you should see 'View All' in the window). Decide which annotation you want to add to a category. In this example, we'll add a highlight to a category. Click the annotation category (Highlights), click a highlighter color, and right click on the specific highlight you want to add to the category. Choose 'Edit', click 'Unassigned', and click the category name. This will add the highlight to the category. 

To view the annotations in a category, click on the category name in the "View All" menu in the split window. You can sort the annotations in the category by clicking the sort icon in the upper right corner of the split window (a calendar with an arrow pointing down next to it).

Editing a Category:

Right click on the category and choose 'Edit'. Type in the new category name and click the Save icon. 

Deleting a Category:

Right click on the category and choose 'Delete'. A pop-up window will appear. If you're confident about the deletion, click 'Yes' and the category (and any annotations in the category) will disappear.

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