Improved Commentary Set Management! (7.12 App Update)

We recently released an app update (version 7.12) to our iOS and Android apps that changes the way commentaries work within the app. We have created a new experience for commentaries that makes them easier to use within the Olive Tree Bible App and improves the process to purchase new commentary volumes. In this article, we will demonstrate how to manage and use commentaries in the 7.12 app update.

Note: The screenshots below are from our iOS app, but the behavior is the same within the Android app. 


Commentary volumes that have been set up with the improved experience are now downloaded as individual volumes, but the app provides a unified experience so all volumes in a particular commentary set are viewed and utilized as one resource. Commentary sets that have been improved will give a stacked view in the Library, which includes the number of volumes you own.


When you open a downloaded commentary set, all the volumes will be displayed together and are available for quick navigation in the Verse Chooser.


Initial App Update

When you update your app to 7.12, you will need to re-download your commentary sets. Tap 'Download' when prompted. 


If you choose to skip/dismiss this option, you can still download your commentaries later. Tap the Library icon, the 'Cloud' tab, and locate your commentaries.


Tap and hold on a commentary from the Cloud view and select 'Download All'. Alternatively, tap on the stacked cover image in the Cloud view and tap 'Download All'. 



If you want to download only some of your commentary volumes, select the commentary set and tap on the desired volumes to download them. 


Remove Volumes

If you wish to remove a downloaded volume, tap and hold the commentary set in your Library and tap 'Show Volume List'.


Tap and hold on the volume you wish to remove and select 'Offload' to remove it. 


You can re-download any offloaded volumes by tapping the 'Cloud' tab from the volume list.



Another benefit to the improved commentary experience is the ease of adding new volumes. In your Library, tap and hold on a commentary and select 'Show Volume List'.


Tap on 'Upgrades' to see the available volumes. If there are no available upgrades, then the 'Upgrade' tab will not be displayed.


Here you will see the various volumes available for purchase. Tap a volume to read the full description and purchase it. 


We also offer upgrades on our website. If you sign into your account, you can even purchase the current full set, and you will only be charged for the volumes you do not yet own. 

We hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have more questions, submit a request to our Customer Support team here. They are happy to help! 

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