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The Lookup feature is a powerful tool that provides quick access to any enhanced Bible dictionaries* you have downloaded. We have many Bible dictionaries available for purchase on the Olive Tree website here. In this article we will explore the two different types of Lookup you will encounter in the app.

Lookup in the Bible Text

When reading scripture, you can tap and hold a word in the Bible text and a menu will appear with various options. Tap the 'Lookup' button to get articles from your downloaded dictionaries on that specific word.


Relevant dictionary articles will display. If you first see a list of options displayed, select one to proceed to the results.


When you tap on an entry, you may read further.


To return to your other results, tap on the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner. To open the result in the main or parallel window, tap on the forward arrow in the upper right-hand corner. 


If you choose to open in the Parallel, it will open in a larger view.


To see more results in your Lookup, you may purchase additional dictionaries here!

Lookup in the Study Center

Within the Study Center, the Lookup tab allows you to see all of the information in your library that relates to a particular subject. 

You will need to open the Study Center. It can be opened by tapping the green bar at the bottom of the screen that says 'Open Study Center'. If this bar is not showing, tap the screen once to bring up the toolbar.


Now, you can choose the Lookup tab by tapping on it.


When you first tap this tab, you will be presented with a list of possible topics, as you see above. Tap one to view all the results. In my example, I chose AARON.


In the AARON Lookup, you'll see 'Articles' from your downloading you can drill into to learn more about Aaron, as well as 'Maps' that are referenced regarding him.

In the 'What does the Bible say about:' section, you can tap to explore cross reference passages. The 'My Notes' section even displays any personal notes you've added in the app that are in scripture related to Aaron. There is much to explore in the Lookup tab!

Tap the back arrow to return to the Lookup screen.


To access the search field, you may need to swipe down within the Study Center split window and it should then appear.



Using the search option at the top of the list allows you to locate a topic quickly, rather than simply scrolling through. In my example, I performed a search for Jesus.


Of the results listed, I tapped on JESUS, THE CHRIST and see the Lookup results: 


To learn more about the Study Center tabs, check out this article: iPhone/iPad - Study Center

Worth Noting

The Lookup feature requires the dictionary entry to match the word you are looking up exactly. Therefore, a lookup for the word "baptized" will not pull an entry if the dictionary entry is "Baptism".

*Is My Dictionary Enhanced?

Most dictionaries you purchase for use within our app are enhanced for the Lookup tools.

In order to see if your dictionary is one of them, you can check the product page on our website and look in the 'Features' section as seen in the below example. If 'Dictionary' is listed as it is here, it is enhanced!


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