Using Concordances

A concordance offers precise lookups on specific words and shows you where those words appear throughout Scripture. It is a great way to find cross references and the different meanings of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words in which the Bible was originally written.

If you haven't downloaded your concordance yet, you will find the download steps for your device(s) in this Help article

In this Help article, we will help you learn how to use concordances in your Bible study. In these examples, we are using an iPad, though the functionality will be similar in the app on all platforms.

Option 1: Lookup

Open a Bible through the Library in the main window. Tap and hold a word and select 'Lookup' to perform a lookup.


If there is a related concordance article on that word in your Library, the article will be listed in the pop-up window that appears after you tap 'Lookup'. 


After selecting the concordance entry from the Lookup pop-up window, you will see a list of the locations where this word appears throughout the Bible. 

You’ll notice that most concordances have three options:

  1. The verse references list where the English word shows up throughout the Bible.
  2. The Strong’s numbers show where the Hebrew and Greek words that are translated as this word appear throughout the text.
  3. A dictionary entry that opens to a definition of the Hebrew or Greek word.


Option 2: Resource Guide

In the Resource Guide, the 'Topics', 'People', and 'Places' categories will also allow you to access some of the entries in your concordance. With your preferred Bible translation open in the main window, select the green 'Open Study Center' tab.



If you select 'Browse Dictionary', there will be a search bar in the navigation that allows you to search for an entry by English word.



We hope that this introduction to using concordances in the Olive Tree Bible App has been helpful for you. You can find all of our concordances on our website!

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