Using Audio Books

Listening to an audio book is a great way to take in quality Christian content on the go: listen to an audio book through the Olive Tree Bible App while you're driving, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, and more! Olive Tree has a great variety of audio books, from lecture collections about the Bible and theology to audio books about many topics related to the Christian life. 

There are two ways to listen to audio book content in the Olive Tree Bible App:

Streaming: This saves space on your device so you can listen whenever you're connected to the Internet without having to download the audio. We recommend this option.

Downloading: This allows you to listen to the audio offline, any time, anywhere. If you will be using your audio book while not able to connect to an internet signal, this would be a good choice.

In the steps below, learn how to stream and/or download the audio book and make use of its functionality in the app. The screenshots are from an iPad, but the functionality will be similar in all our apps.

Stream your Audio Book

Open the Olive Tree Bible App on your device and tap the Store icon.


Tap the Purchased tab in the lower right corner. In our Android apps, this button says Account instead of Purchased.


Find your audio book in the list and tap Setup.


This will add your audio book to your Library so that it is available to stream when you are connected to the Internet. Tap 'Open' to open the audio player.


Tap the Play icon to play the audio book.


Download your Audio Book

To listen to the audio book offline, tap the white arrow in the green triangle in the corner of the audio book image. Tapping on this arrow will start the download of the audio book.



When the audio book has been downloaded, tap the Play button to play the audio. You can now listen to it without access to the Internet, such as when you are driving.

Audio Book Features

This screen is called the Audio Player screen. Each feature on this screen has been circled with a number so you can learn what each feature does.


1. The 'X' allows you to close the audio player screen to return to your Bible text.

2. The arrow allows you to minimize the audio player screen so you can see text on the screen and listen to the audio book at the same time. You can tap the minimized audio player anytime to reopen it to the full player.


3. The Options icon allows you to see and sort your bookmarks for the audio book, set a Sleep Timer, and view the book details, like the publisher, duration, and edition type (abridged or unabridged). 

4. The bookmark icon allows you to add a bookmark to the audio at any time. You can see the list of your bookmarks and sort them in the Options icon (#3 above). 

5. The Play/Pause icon allows you to play and pause the audio.

6. These buttons allow you to move the text back 30 seconds and forward 30 seconds.

7. The volume allows you to change how soft or loud the audio is.

8. The speed tab allows you to change how fast or slow the audio text is read to you.

9. On some devices, Connect will allow you to play the audio through a connected speaker set or Bluetooth device.


We hope that this introduction to using Audio Books in the Olive Tree Bible App has been helpful for you. You can find all of our Audio Books on our website!

Please note that we do not support audio on Mac at this time. If you have any more questions, please submit a request to our Customer Support team here. They are happy to help!

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