Using Study Bibles

A Study Bible is Scripture text paired with additional notes and resources (e.g. maps, articles, etc.) that help you understand what you’re reading in the Bible text. 

If you haven't downloaded your Study Bible yet, you will find the download steps for your device(s) in this Help article. In these examples, we are using an iPad, though the functionality will be similar in all of our app variations.

In the Olive Tree Bible App, Study Bibles are made up of two files: the Bible text and the Study Bible Notes. For example, here is what the files look like in the Library when the ESV Study Bible has been downloaded:

  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  •  ESV Study Bible Notes

In the rest of this Help article, you will learn several ways to set up the Study Bible text and notes in your app to access its content for your Bible study. When you use the two files in tandem, you'll see how helpful a Study Bible will be in your Bible Study. 

Setting Up Your Study Bible for Parallel Reading

First, open a Bible translation in the main window through the Library. Tap the Library icon and choose a Bible from the list of downloaded resources.


Second, open the Study Bible Notes in the Parallel window in the Study Center. Tap on the green bar at the bottom of the screen to open the Study Center:


Tap on the Parallel tab and choose the Study Bible Notes resource from the list:


When you have followed the above steps, you will see the Bible text and Study Notes open side by side like in the screenshot below. 


When you scroll in the Bible text, the study notes will follow along. You may notice the icons in the lower right corner. These control how the Parallel window links to the main window. 

Unlinked - This icon indicates that the windows are currently unlinked. If you scroll in the main window while this icon is showing, the Resource Guide/Parallel window will not scroll along. Tapping the Unlinked icon will Relink the windows.
Linked - This icon indicates that the Windows are currently linked. If you scroll in the main window, the Resource Guide/Parallel window will follow along. However, if you scroll in the Resource Guide/Parallel window the link will be broken. If you tap this icon, you will lock the window link. 
Locked Link - This icon indicates that the Window Link is locked. When the link is locked, the link will not break, unless you tap this icon again to unlock the link. 

Accessing Additional Content

Study Bibles often come with additional content like articles, maps, charts, concordances, etc. You can find that content when you use the List Layout in the Verse Chooser. If you are not seeing the list view, tap the Options icon in the upper right corner and select "Use List Layout".



Using Study Bible Notes in the Resource Guide 

Another way to view the Study Bible Notes in the app is through the Resource Guide. Open your preferred Bible translation in the main window and open the Resource Guide in the Study Center.


You will see relevant entries from the Study Bible Notes resource in the Resource Guide that correspond to your location in the Bible text in the main window.


Using the Study Bible Notes with Other Bible Translations

Another great thing about using a Study Bible in the Olive Tree Bible App is that the Study Notes can be used with any Bible translation! For more information on how to do this, read through this Help article: Use Study Bible Notes With Any Translation!


We hope that this introduction to using Study Bibles in the Olive Tree Bible App has been helpful for you. You can find all of our Study Bibles on our website!

If you have any more questions, please submit a request to our Customer Support team here. They are happy to help!


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