How To: ESV Bible Atlas

Thank you for your interest in the ESV Bible Atlas! Capitalizing on recent advances in satellite imaging and geographic information systems, the Crossway ESV Bible Atlas offers Bible readers a comprehensive, up-to-date resource.

In this help article, we will go through a few ways to use the ESV Bible Atlas to get the most out of your Bible study.

Open in the Main Window

One way to view the ESV Bible Atlas is in the main window. This option will allow you to navigate into the Table of Contents for the ESV Bible Atlas. To access the Table of Contents, simply tap on the navigation menu.


This will reveal the Table of Contents.


Open in the Parallel Window

Another way to view the ESV Bible Atlas is in the Parallel tab. This option will allow you to have the maps open side by side with your Bible text.

For this example, I have opened the English Standard Version in the main window. You can choose any Bible from your Library.

Next, select the green 'Open Study Center' tab at the bottom of the screen.


Select the Parallel option. The ESV Bible Atlas is in your list of resources.


Tapping the ESV Bible Atlas from the list will display it side-by-side with the Bible text.


Open in the Resource Guide

You can also have the Resource Guide open in the Resource Guide alongside your Bible.

You’ll see relevant map “hits” from the ESV Bible Atlas in the Resource Guide that correspond to your location in the main window.

First, select the green 'Open Study Center' tab.


Next, select the 'Resource Guide' tab (lightbulb icon) to make sure you have the Resource Guide open. In the Resource Guide, you’ll see relevant “hits” from your downloaded resources. By scrolling down to the Maps section, you will be able to see all entries in the ESV Bible Atlas that are related to the text you are viewing in the main window.



To open a map in full screen, tap the Options (three-dot) icon in the upper right corner and select 'Full Screen'.



Ways to Purchase or Subscribe:

You can purchase the ESV Bible Atlas resource on our website here.

ESV Bible Atlas is also included in our ESV Bible Study Pack! With a variety of resources, including maps, commentary and more, Study Packs are a great value for just $5.99/month. You can learn more and sign up on our website to start your 14-day free trial.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any further questions about using your maps, please submit a ticket. We’ll be happy to help you!

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