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The Starter Pack includes a collection of maps, eBooks, commentaries, cross references, devotionals, dictionaries and sermons. View all of the included books as well as links view the corresponding help articles in this article

Example from our Starter Pack:


The Starter Pack is $2.99/month! You can learn more and sign up on our website to start your 7-day free trial.


We currently offer four different Bible Study Packs: the NIV Bible Study Pack, the ESV Bible Study Pack, the NKJV Bible Study Pack and the NLT Bible Study Pack.

Each bundle has a curated library including items like a study Bible, a one-volume Bible commentary, a Bible dictionary, a maps set, a Bible atlas, a cross reference set, and a concordance that is tied to Strong’s numbers for basic original language study.

With the Parallel tab in the Study Center, you’ll be able to view the Bible translation text and study notes side by side!

Example from our NIV Bible Study Pack:


Example from our ESV Bible Study Pack:


Example from our NKJV Bible Study Pack:


Example from our NLT Bible Study Pack:


With our categorized, in-depth Resource Guide, you’ll be able to view related information side-by-side with the Bible text too!




In addition to all of these great study tools, you’ll be able to perform Lookups to get more details on terms.


We also have some detailed Help articles that explain how to use the resources included in our Bible Study Packs. Click the links below to see a list of all the titles included with our Bible Study Packs, as well as links to view the corresponding help articles.

NIV Bible Study Pack 

ESV Bible Study Pack

NKJV Bible Study Pack

NLT Bible Study Pack

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