Mac - Settings

Settings for the app are located by selecting 'Bible Study' > 'Preferences...' in the top toolbar.


Below is a list of the different settings available. You'll also find a brief explanation where clarity may be necessary.

  1. General
    1. Library
    2. Startup Options
    3. Automatic Sync
    4. Copy Verse Options (Please note, the verse reference will only appear if you copy by clicking on a verse number or copy a full verse or more and you have the 'Include Translation in Citation' setting turned on.)
    5. Display Options
  2. Colors and Fonts
    1. Use Theme Colors (Uncheck box for color customization options.)
    2. Main Fonts
    3. Original Language Fonts
  3. Hyperlinks
    1. Default Resources for Hyperlinks
    2. Quick Details
  4. Search
    1. Search Options
    2. Search Ranges
  5. Resource Guide - Customize resources that appear in the Resource Guide. Click and drag a resource to customize the order it appears.
  6. Privacy - Manage various Privacy Settings
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