Mac - Settings

Settings for the app are located by selecting 'Bible Study' > 'Preferences...' (or 'Settings...' depending on macOS) in the top toolbar.

Mac Preferences.png

Below is a list of the different settings available. You'll also find a brief explanation where clarity may be necessary.

  1. General
    Mac General.png
    • Library
    • Startup Options
    • Automatic Sync
    • Copy Verse Options (Please note, the verse reference will only appear if you copy by clicking on a verse number or copy a full verse or more and you have the 'Include Translation in Citation' setting turned on.)
    • Display Options
  2. Colors and Fonts
    Mac Colors and Fonts.png
    • Use Theme Colors (Uncheck box for color customization options.)
    • Main Fonts
    • Original Language Fonts
  3. Hyperlinks
    Mac Hyperlinks.png
    • Default Resources for Hyperlinks
    • Quick Details
  4. Search
    Mac Search.png
    • Search Options
    • Search Ranges
  5. Resource Guide
    Mac Resource Guide.png
    • Customize resources that appear in the Resource Guide. Click and drag a resource to customize the order it appears.
  6. Privacy
    Mac Privacy.png
    • Manage various Privacy Settings

We hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any further questions about settings within the Mac app, please submit a ticket to our Support team. We are happy to help you!

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