Mac - Saved Passages

Verse or Text Based

There are two ways to create Saved Passages within our app: by selecting a word or phrase (word based) or by tapping on a verse number (verse based). Word-based Saved Passages are tied to the resource that they are created in. Verse-based Saved Passages will be associated with all your Bible translations.

Create a Saved Passage

You can create a saved passage when you're viewing text in your app. As mentioned above, Saved Passages can be tied either to a verse or a word or phrase. Here are the steps to create a saved passage:

  • Click a verse number or select and secondary click text. 
  • Select 'Save Passage' from the pop-up menu.
  • Title the Saved passage and add any tags before clicking 'Save.' 

Edit a Saved Passage

Once you have created a saved passage, it can be located in the Study Center's My Stuff tab. Select 'Saved Passages' to see a full list. To edit a saved passage:

  • Find the individual saved passage you want to edit.
  • Secondary click it.
  • Choose 'Edit Saved Passage.'

Here you can change the title ('label'), add or edit the tags, and assign the passage to a category.

Delete Saved Passage

You can delete a saved passage by following these steps:

  • Find the individual saved passage you want to edit in My Stuff.
  • Secondary click it.
  • Choose 'Delete Saved Passage.'
  • Confirm that you would like to delete the Saved Passage.


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