iPhone/iPad - How to Use Audio

For instructions on how to download audio products visit iPhone/iPad - Downloading Audio Resources.

Listening to Audio Resources

Once you set up an audio book for streaming, it will appear in your Library. You can filter your Library to see only audio books and Bibles by tapping the 'Add Filter' button and selecting the Audio filter.



Now only Audio resources will be listed in the Library:


When you select an audio book or Bible from the Library, the Audio Player will open. The various features of the audio resource are found in this screen. Each feature has been circled with a number so you can learn what each feature does.


1. The 'X' allows you to close the audio player screen to return to your Bible text.

2. The arrow allows you to minimize the audio player screen so you can see text on the screen and listen to the Bible at the same time. You can tap the minimized audio player any time to reopen it to the full player.


3. Options:

  • Bookmarks - A list of the bookmarks that you have created for this audio resource.
  • Sleep Timer - Choose how long you would like audio to play.
  • View Details - See more information about the current audio book, such as publisher, duration and edition type (abridged or unabridged)
  • Manage Download - Choose what books of the bible are downloaded to your device.

4. The bookmark icon allows you to add a bookmark to the audio at any time. You can see the list of your bookmarks and sort them in the Options icon (#3 above). 

5. The Play/Pause icon allows you to play and pause the audio.

6. These buttons allow you to move the text back 30 seconds and forward 30 seconds.

7. The volume allows you to change how loud the audio plays.

8. The speed tab allows you to change how fast or slow the audio text is read to you.

9. On some devices, Connect will allow you to play the audio through a connected speaker set or Bluetooth device.

We hope these steps have helped you learn how to listen to the audio books on your iOS device. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team


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