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Search is a feature in the Olive Tree Bible App that will help you find a Bible verse or a word in a book you have downloaded to your Library. There are two ways to search in the Windows app. 

Search Option for Main Window

The first way to search is by using the Search icon on the toolbar. This search method allows you to look in the resource that is open in the main window.

To start a search, select the Search icon (magnifying glass) on the toolbar. If the Search icon is not visible, click anywhere on the screen to bring it up.


Click in the search box and begin typing the verse, word, or phrase you want to search for. When you are finished typing the search term, you may have to hit 'Enter' on your keyboard. 


The list of search results will now appear. Scroll through the results until you find the verse or passage you're looking for and select the entry to navigate to that place in the text. 


You can also use a search filter to narrow your search results. Click on the search filter icon that looks like this:


Clicking on this icon will bring up a list of options. Click on any option to narrow the results to that specific filter. 


To clear the filter, click on the search filter icon again and click 'Entire Bible'. 

Search Option for Study Center

The second way to search in the app is in the Study Center. This search option allows you to search for a verse, word, or phrase in all your downloaded resources as well as in your personal notes.

To start, click on the green bar that says 'Open Study Center' at the bottom of the screen. If the green bar is not visible, click anywhere on the screen to bring it up.


When the Study Center is open, click on the search icon in the lower right corner. It looks like this:


In the search box at the top of the screen, type in a verse, word, or phrase. Here is an example of some results a word search brings up in the Study Center:


Scroll down to see the full list of results. Click on any option to get the results from a specific resource or annotation. Here are some results from the Bible Knowledge Commentary in particular:


You will notice there is also a filter for this search option. Click the filter icon and click on an option in the list to add a filter to your search. Click the filter icon and click 'Entire Bible' to clear the filter. 

For more information on the advanced search options in the Olive Tree app, please refer to this article. For any other questions about search, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team here

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