Windows - Study Center

Opening and Adjusting the Study Center

The Study Center opens as a split window view in the Olive Tree Bible App. You can open it by selecting the green bar at the bottom of the screen that says 'Open Study Center'. If this bar is not showing, tap or click the screen once to bring up the toolbar. 


The tab in the center of the border between the main window and Study Center will allow you to adjust the size.


If you drag the bar far enough that the Study Center is too small, the window will auto minimize. You can also tap/click the tab to close the Study Center. 

Study Center Options

There are four tabs in the Study Center. As you navigate between the different tabs your place will be saved. Here are the options:

Resource Guide

As you read along in your Bible, the Resource Guide follows you and looks in your Library for any information that is relevant to your reading. The information in the Resource Guide will update automatically as you scroll through your resource in the main window. 



The Parallel tab allows you to view a library item parallel to your main window. With this layout, you can compare different translations or view a commentary or study notes next to the Bible text in the main window. 




In the Notes tab, you can view, edit, and create notes.



In this tab, you can search for a verse, word, or phrase in all your downloaded resources as well as in your personal notes. In the search box at the top of the screen, type in a verse, word, or phrase. Select any entry from the search results list to read more. You will notice there is also a filter for this search option. Select the filter icon and click on an option in the list to add a filter to your search. Click the filter icon and click 'Entire Bible' to clear the filter.


For any other questions about the Study Center, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team here


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