Which devices can I access Audio on?
You can access audio on iPad/iPhone, Android and Windows devices running version 7.3 (or higher) of the Olive Tree Bible App.

Are there plans to offer audio on the Mac?
We do not have any current plans to offer the audio feature within our Mac app, though this is still under consideration. If you believe you would use the audio feature on your computer if it were available, please feel free to Submit a Request that audio be made available for Mac in the future.

Can I use my audio resource offline?
Yes, audio Bibles and audio books can be used offline. Once you purchase the title, you will need to add it to your Library. You can then manage the download within the app to select which portion(s) of the file you would like to download. You can find download steps for Android here, iPad/iPhone here, and Windows here

How do I find Audio Books? 
Audio books are now available for purchase through our website or through the in-app stores on devices running app version 7.3 or above. To browse the current selection on our website, visit our Audio page

In the app, tap the Store (shopping cart) icon to browse titles. After selecting a Category or searching for a title, choose "Audio" at the top of the screen to view only audio resources. 

How do I use my audio Bible in the app?

We have Help articles for each supported platform on how to listen to and use the features of audio Bibles and books. You will find the Android article at this link, the iPad/iPhone article at this link, and the Windows article at this link

If you have any more questions, please submit a request to our Customer Support team here. They are happy to help!

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