Important! iOS App Consolidation

We currently have 15 different iOS apps. We are consolidating our apps into the main Olive Tree Bible app. This means the 12 apps, listed below, will no longer receive updates. 

  • Bible Maps by Olive Tree
  • ESV Strong's Bible
  • ESV Bible Bundle by Olive Tree
  • ESV Study Bible by Olive Tree
  • Message Bible by Olive Tree
  • NRSV Bible by Olive Tree
  • NLT Study Bible by Olive Tree
  • NLT Bible by Olive Tree
  • NASB Bible Study Library
  • NASB Bible by Olive Tree
  • Amplified Classic Bible
  • Greek & Hebrew Bibles

These apps will be removed from the iOS App Store on July 31st, 2018, so it is important to transfer your information to the main Olive Tree Bible app before then.

The icon of these apps will change from green to gray when the final update is installed. 

AppIcon.png   Arrow.png  OldAppIcon.png

The final update to these apps includes an 'Upgrade Assistant' to help you move your purchased resources, highlights, notes, etc. from the old apps to the free app. This tool will launch automatically when you update to 6.3.5 the first time. If you dismissed the tool it can be launched from the main menu of the app. 


Launching the Upgrade Assistant will help you download the free Olive Tree Bible App and migrate your data over. If you have any difficulties in this process please contact our support team and include as much detail as you can. 

By using the free Olive Tree Bible App you will experience:

  • Continued access to your notes, highlights, and resources
  • Access to the same features you currently use
  • Future app updates 
  • Continued support     
  • Visual Verse of the Day (New!)
  • An upgraded Study Center (New!)

Once you have successfully transferred your information over to free Olive Tree Bible App, we suggest removing the old app from your device. 

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