Android - Settings

Setting for the app are located in by tapping the settings icon from the toolbar.


Below is a list of the different settings located in the Settings icon on the toolbar. You'll also find a brief explanation where clarity may be necessary. 

Quick Settings Menu

(Tap the Settings icon.)


  1. Font Size - A quick way to change the font in the main window
  2. Select Theme - Choose between the default theme or low light theme. (Note: only the default theme can be customized.)
  3. Vertical Scrolling - Quickly change between vertical and horizontal scrolling
  4. Font Face - A quick way to change the font face 
  5. Window Sync - Choose if the parallel window follows the main window.
  6. Advanced Settings - Access additional settings that are described below. 

Advanced Settings 

(Tap the Settings icon and choose Advanced Settings.)

  1. Font Settings - Change the font face and size for the various windows of the app.
  2. Color Settings - Change the background and font colors.
  3. Hyperlink Settings - Choose your default Bible for hyperlinks and how to open hyperlinks.
  4. Resource Guide - Edit what sections and books appear in the Resource Guide.
  5. Sync Settings - Choose to automatically sync and whether to sync on WiFi only.
  6. Automatic Downloads - Download your books automatically.
  7. Scrolling Settings - Choose between vertical (Swipe up/down) and horizontal (Swipe left/right) scrolling.
  8. Other Settings
    1. Display Options:
      • Show Strong's Numbers
      • Verses Start on a New Line
      • Hide Notes and Highlights in Text
      • Hide Notes and Highlights in Popups
      • Multi-Column Text
      • Color Words of Jesus
      • Color Strong's Words
      • Reading Progress Display
    2. Window Behavior
    3. Verse Copy Options
      • Include Verse Numbers
      • Include Translation in Citation
    4. Library:
      • Show Recommendations
    5. Reading Progress
    6. Advanced - These are settings that should only be used at the request of one of our customer support representatives. 
  9. Account Settings - Edit the Account information for the app.
  10. Storage Options - Choose to store app data on your SD card or clear/disable the cache.
  11. Reset Fonts and Colors - Reset all fonts and colors to the original default. This can fix some display issues. 
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