Android (OT 7.2)- FAQ

Landscape Reading 

In the 7.1.2 Android update, there is not an option to use the app in horizontal (landscape) view on Android phones. However, we have included this in the 7.2.0 update. If you would like this feature, please ensure that your app is up to date!


Toolbar Covering Text

In the 7.1.2 app update, we’ve released a more immersive reading experience in which the app will automatically dismiss the toolbars when you navigate to a new verse using the Verse Chooser. You can also tap the screen once to dismiss the toolbars. If you prefer to use the app with the toolbars always visible, we have introduced a new functionality to lock the toolbar into place. You can lock the toolbar when it’s visible by tapping the lock icon on the right side of the green ‘Select Verse’ bar. This will adjust the text so that it’s not hidden behind the toolbar.


Study Center/Split Window Use

We’ve updated the Study Center! The Study Center now makes studying easier than ever. When the toolbar is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can tap on the Resource Guide, Parallel, Notes, and Lookup options to navigate quickly between tools. Here are brief explanations regarding each of these options:

Resource Guide: A must for Bible Study, the Resource Guide pulls together related verses, study notes, commentaries, etc., from your library based on the Bible passage you are viewing in the main window.

Parallel: The previous app’s equivalent of Library, the Parallel tab can be used to open a resource you would like to view alongside the main window. This could be a different Bible translation, a commentary, study Bible notes, etc. To switch resources, tap the back button in the upper left corner and select a different resource.

Notes: Access the Notes tab of the Study Center to view and edit notes in the split window.

Lookup: Use the Lookup tool to access content on a variety of people, places, topics, and more. Searching for and selecting an entry will pull together a list of dictionary articles, related verses, your personal notes that reference this word, and other related topics.



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