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Accessing Reading Plans

The reading plan icon is on the top toolbar. Selecting this icon provides easy access to your reading plans.


Start a Reading Plan

Follow these steps to start a reading plan:

  • Select the reading plan icon. Here you can browse the available reading plans. Your reading plans will appear at the top once started.
  • Locate and choose the reading plan you would like to use. Select 'Start Reading' to create the plan.
    Screenshot_20190621-154924_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg Screenshot_20190621-154947_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg
  • First, you will be prompted to choose a preferred translation. This is the "Recently Opened Bible" by default, but you can choose any downloaded Bible text or audio Bible. 
  • Next, You will be asked if you want to set a goal. Choose "No, I would rather take my time." to skip this step and begin reading, or "Yes, help me set a goal to complete this reading plan." to see the options to choose a goal. Once you have chosen your goal, tap continue.
    Screenshot_20190621-154950_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg Screenshot_20190621-155025_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg
  • You can then add reminders. You can add multiple reminders through out the day to read multiple assignments, or make sure you don't forget. Tap "+Add Reminder" and choose the days and time you would like to receive a reminder notification.
    Screenshot_20190621-155049_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg Screenshot_20190621-155037_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg
  • Tap continue to begin reading the first assignment. 

Devotional Reading Plans

We also offer devotional reading plans, which allow you to read supported devotionals in our reading plan infrastructure. When you download a devotional that supports this feature, a 'My Devotionals' option will appear at the top of the list of available reading plans, just below your current plans. (You may need to restart the app to refresh the page if the devotional you are looking for isn't available.)


It is possible that some devotionals will not support this feature. You can see if they support this feature by checking the product features on


Accessing and Completing Assignments

Follow these steps to go to your reading assignment for the day and to complete an assignment:

  • Select the reading plan icon on the toolbar.
  • Locate the plan you'd like to read and Select 'Continue' to begin the current assignment. (Or 'View Schedule' for more information about the assignment.)
    Screenshot_20190621-155727_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg Screenshot_20190621-155735_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg
  • Once you have completed the assignment, select 'Next' to move on to the next assignment. When you come to the end of the day's final assignment tap 'Complete Reading' to mark the reading complete or 'Next Reading' to continue to the next day's assignment. Screenshot_20190621-155557_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg Screenshot_20190621-155614_NIV_BibleStudy.jpg

Plan Options

While viewing a plan's details, additional options can be found in the upper right corner of the menu.

  1. Reminders:


    Tapping "+ Add Reminder" allows you to set up a notification reminder. This can be set for certain days at a particular time. Select a day to receive a reminder on that day. To add additional reminders tap "+ Add Reminder" again.


  2. More info:


    • Published By: This is the name of the publisher of the reading plan. This cannot be changed.
    • Date Started: The starting date is determined by the date you create the reading plan. This cannot be changed.
    • Projected End Date: This gives you the date on which you will have finished the plan; the date may change if you complete more than one assignment a day.
    • Last Date Read: The Last Date Read will tell you the last time an assigned reading was completed.
    • Preferred Translation: Change the translation you prefer to use for this plan. 
    • Completion Goal: This will let you Set a Completion Date Goal and the date will be shown here once a goal is set.


Delete a reading plan

In order to delete a reading plan from within your app, follow the steps below:

  • Select the reading plan icon on the toolbar.
  • Locate  and open the plan you wish to delete.
  • Tap the 'i' in the upper right corner. 
  • Tap the Trash can.
  • Confirm you'd like to delete the plan by choosing 'Remove'.
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