Android (OT 7.3)- Reading Plans

Accessing Reading Plans

There is now a reading plan icon on the top toolbar. Tapping this icon provides easy access to your reading plans. 


Start a Reading Plan

Follow these steps to start a reading plan:

  • Tap the reading plan icon.
  • Tap the 'Featured' tab if it's not already open.
  • Locate and tap a reading plan you would like to use.
  • Tap 'Start a Reading plan'.
  • Tap 'Start Reading' to begin your first assignment.

Once your plan has started, it will appear under 'My Plans'.

Devotional Reading Plans

We also offer devotional reading plans, which allow you to read supported devotionals in our reading plan infrastructure. When you download a devotional that supports this feature, a 'My Devotionals' option will appear towards the top of the Featured tab.


Be aware that not all devotionals have been updated to support this feature. Our formatting team is working hard to update more devotionals to work in our reading plan system. Look out for updates to your downloaded devotionals because these will likely contain the necessary changes.

If a devotional has an update, the update will appear in the Library. A symbol (up arrow) will appear on the cover image of a resource that requires an update. Tap the book cover to update the resource.

Accessing and Completing Assignments

Follow these steps to go to your reading assignment for the day and to complete an assignment:

  • Tap the reading plan icon on the toolbar.
  • Tap the 'My Plans' tab at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the plan you would like to read from. 
  • Tap Continue Reading.
    • (If the message says Stop Reading, you likely navigated away from an assignment before marking it complete.)
  • Once you have completed the assignment, tap 'Next' to move on to the next assignment or 'Complete Reading' to mark the reading complete. 
    iOS7_ReadingNext.png iOS7_ReadingComplete.png

Plan Details and Options

Tap the reading plan icon at the top of the screen. Tap My Plans and tap the reading plan you're actively reading. Look for and tap Plan Details and Options. Tapping this will allow you to view details about your plan and add some customization.


  1. Default Plan: 'Set as Default Plan' will set the reading plan as your default and provide a shortcut to this plan at the bottom of the reading plan menus. 
  2. Follow Calendar: Turning 'Follow Calendar' on will lock the reading plan or devotional into the calendar, so you'll go to the reading for today's calendar date. Turning this option off will send you to the next unread reading in the plan, so it may not match up with today's date. 
  3. Reading Plan Reminders: 'Set Reading Plan Reminder Schedule' allows you to set up a notification reminder. This can be set for certain days at a particular time. Tap a day to receive a reminder on that day. If a reading plan has both morning and evening assignments (as some devotional plans do), there is the option to set reminders for multiple times. 
  4. Plan Name: You can change the plan name if desired. This may be helpful if you are using the same plan twice. 
  5. Published By: This is the name of the publisher of the reading plan. This cannot be changed.
  6. Date Started: The starting date is determined by the date you create the reading plan. This cannot be changed.
  7. Last Date Read: The Last Date Read will tell you the last time an assigned reading was completed. 
  8. Projected End Date: This gives you the date on which you will have finished the plan; the date may change if you complete more than one assignment a day. 

Restart a Reading Plan

Once you have fully completed a plan, the 'Continue Reading' button will change to a 'Restart Reading Plan' button. By tapping 'Restart Reading Plan', the assignments will reset, and you will be able to begin the plan again. 

Delete a reading plan

  • Tap the reading plan icon on the toolbar.
  • Locate the plan you wish to delete.
  • Tap the options icon to the right of the plan.
  • Tap 'Delete'.
  • Confirm that you would like to delete the reading plan.
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