Use Study Bible Notes With Any Translation!

One great thing about using a study Bible in the Olive Tree Bible App is that the Notes can be used with any Bible translation!

Due to the way our Resource Guide connects Bible study resources with the text you’re reading in the main window, study notes can be used with any Bible translation.

In the screenshot below (taken from an iPad), I have the King James Version open in the main window. First, select the green 'Open Study Center' to open the split window.
Next, you will see that the Study Center is open to the Resource Guide. Under the Commentaries section of the Resource Guide, I see a number next to my study Bible notes. This number indicates available entries based on John 3:1-7. You’ll also notice that the study notes I have installed are not based on the King James Version, but they still work the same.


Again, any Bible open in the main window will work with any study Bible notes that you have installed. In the screenshot below, I have the English Standard Version open in the main window, and I’ve selected the Parallel tab. Here I see all my resources available to open in the Parallel view. In this case, I am going to select the NIV Study Bible, Fully Revised Notes.
After selecting the resource, the notes will stay in sync with what I’m reading regardless of the translation difference.


Watch the video below for more on how study Bibles work in the app. This video uses the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Notes as an example, but these steps can be applied to any study Bible you would like to use in our app. 

For more videos, visit the Olive Tree You Tube Channel. To see a list of all our study Bibles, check out this link

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