Make the Most of Bible Handbooks

Bible Handbooks and Quick References are great resources that help you go deeper in your Bible study. Here is a quick tutorial about how we have enhanced these resources for the Bible Study app.

First, bring up your preferred Bible translation in the main window and then open the split window by selecting the green 'Open Study Center' tab.


Select the 'Resource Guide' tab (lightbulb icon) to make sure you have the Resource Guide open. As you scroll through the Bible, the Resource Guide searches through the books in your Library for content related to the Scripture passage in the main window.


Scroll down to view Places, Maps, Outlines, and Introductions. All quick reference content will be displayed in these sections. In our example, after clicking “Rome” under “Places,” the Resource Guide shows me that I have several images and maps available in my library. I can click these images to see a larger view or even view them within the resource from which the content is found.


I can also see that there are Outlines and Introductions available in MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible and other resources that have related content.5._RG_Outlines.PNG

By clicking the book covers for these resources, I can see all the results within that resource for the Bible passage. In this example, I can see that there is one entry under Introductions in MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible. 


Click the article or reference to read the content in the resource. 


Again, any Scripture verse becomes a hyperlink that can be viewed within the Resource Guide.



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