3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Study Bible Notes

Study Bible Notes are a great resource for those wanting to go deeper in studying the Bible. Here are three ways to use study notes in the Bible Study App to help you unpack God’s word.

1. Resource Guide

In your main window, open the Bible translation of your choice. (I have the NIV translation open in this example). Tap the grey box with the white arrow to open the split window on the right side of the screen. (This will open at the bottom if you are in portrait mode.) Tap the 'More' icon (three white dots in a grey circle) and then choose the Resource Guide.


You’ll now see relevant “hits” in the Resource Guide from all of the resources you have downloaded to your device. The Bible Study App also keeps up with the Scripture passage you’re reading in the main window with sync scrolling. This means that as you move along in the Bible text, the Resource Guide syncs to exactly where you are in your reading. You’ll save an enormous amount of time with this feature alone.

As I scroll through the Resource Guide, I can see all of my enhanced resources that have an entry pertaining to the current text I’m reading. I notice that my NIV Study Bible Notes has entries for commentaries, outlines, introductions, and maps. The numbers indicate how many entries are available for each enhanced resource.


The NIV Study Bible Notes in the Resource Guide shows two entries under the Commentary section for Romans 1:1-10. When you tap on the NIV Study Bible Notes, I see previews of the entries, and I can tap each one to read the full commentary. As you read on in the text, those entries will stay in sync with your passage no matter what translation I have open in the main window.


2. Split Window – Specific Resource

Tap the 'More' icon (grey circle with three dots) in the upper left corner of the split window and choose Open Library. This will open your Library navigation, and you'll want to scroll down the list and tap on the NIV Study Bible Notes (or whichever study Bible notes you want to have open).


As with the Resource Guide, the Bible Study App’s sync scrolling will keep track of where you are in the Bible text regardless of what translation you have open in the main window. This is a great way to study if you want to focus on just one resource in the split window.

3. Resource Guide on a Verse

An additional iOS option is looking up additional information on just one verse. Tap a verse number in the Bible text and a Menu bar will pop up. From here, you will get the options for Copy, Highlight, Note, Save, Share, Guide, and More.


If you tap the “Guide” button, you’ll get “hits” from your resources on just that specific verse. From here, you can follow the same steps as you would in the Resource Guide option above. You can even choose to open your study notes in the main or split window.


This is helpful if you want to read through your Bible on a full screen and refer to the study notes when you want to see what it says about a specific verse.

As you can see, study Bibles notes in The Bible Study App can save you a lot of time and will help you get more out of your quiet time.

Check out the NIV Study Bible Notes or other Study Bible notes here.

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