Three Ways Bible Dictionaries Improve Your Study Time

A good Bible dictionary is an invaluable resource for your personal Bible study and can go a long way in illuminating God’s word. Here are three ways you can easily use a dictionary in Olive Tree Bible App.


The first way is through the Study Center Resource Guide.

Open your favorite Bible translation in the main window and the Resource Guide in the Study Center.  As you read through your Bible text, the Resource Guide searches through all the downloaded resources in your library to find related Bible study content.

As you scroll down the Resource Guide results, you will see the section headings “People,” “Places,” and “Topics.” Under these headings are articles from your downloaded resources.


Tap or click on the person/place/topic you want to learn more about. In this example, we've chosen "Canaan" from the Baker Compact Bible Dictionary in the Articles section.


As you are reading the article, any Scripture references become hyperlinks that you can tap to read the Bible text in a pop-out window.



The second way you can utilize a Bible dictionary is as a traditional dictionary in the Olive Tree Bible App.

Select the dictionary from your Library to open it. Tap on the book title at the top of the screen and look through the resource as you would a hard-copy dictionary.


The third way is to use the Olive Tree Bible App's Lookup Feature.

Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and a menu bar will pop up with various options. If you tap the “Lookup” button you’ll get results from your resources on just that specific word. From here, you can follow the same steps as you would in the Resource Guide option above.



Bonus Feature

With a Strong’s tagged Bible you can also easily access your favorite Bible dictionary by tapping a word and tapping Look up from the bottom of the pop-up window. This will search in all your downloaded dictionaries for the Hebrew or Greek word you have just tapped.

In the screen shot below, I tapped the word Lebanon. With one more tap on Lookup, I can look up the Hebrew word in my other dictionaries for deeper study.

For this example, I’ll choose the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament. I can read the article in the pop-up window or tap the arrow in the upper left to send it to the Parallel or Main window to read further.


As you can see, Bible dictionaries are extremely helpful resources for studying the Bible.  Check out our list of great Bible dictionaries here.

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