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Over the years I’ve read some great books by various Christian authors on a wide range of topics. One thing that many of the different devotional and theological books have in common is that they all quote Scripture – a lot of Scripture. That’s a good thing, but in cases where the Scripture isn’t copied into the main text of the book it can be distracting. You either have to look in the appendix or have your Bible nearby to look up the verse that the author references. Often times I’ll tell myself that I’ll go back and look up the verse later but that doesn’t always happen.

Reading an eBook in Olive Tree Bible App can help with this. Thanks to our scripture tagging, nearly every reference to scripture becomes a hyperlink to that passage. In the image on the left you’ll see that Isaiah 6 is colored green. This means it’s a hyperlink that you can tap to easily read scripture right in line with the text.

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Browsing to a specific section of an eBook is similar to finding chapter and verse in your Bible. Tap the title at the top of the screen to access the table of contents. From there you can easily select a chapter or specific section of a resource.

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Other options for eBooks include the ability to highlight or share what you’re reading to social – just tap, hold, and select the text. Due to the differences in platforms however there are some nuanced differences in functionality between Android devices and iOS.

For example in Android you can tap and hold on a word to search for that word in the book that you’re reading.

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Have you ever come across a word that you didn’t know the meaning of? In iOS you can tap on that word and then tap ‘Define’ to access the built in iOS dictionary.

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With this great functionality the Olive Tree Bible App is the perfect app for studying the Bible and reading your favorite eBooks and we’re continuing to add the latest eBooks by top authors to our steadily growing library.

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