How To: NKJV Word Study Bible

The NKJV Word Study Bible includes two files: the 'NKJV with Strong's Numbers' Bible, and the 'NKJV Word Study Bible Notes'. After downloading this resource, you will see these two separate files in your Library rather than one file called the NKJV Word Study Bible:


When you use these two files in tandem, you'll see how helpful the NKJV Word Study Bible will be in your Bible Study. 

First, open the NKJV with Strong's in the main window and the NKJV Word Study Bible Notes in the Parallel window in the Study Center. If you are not familiar with the Study Center, this article will show you how to use it. The process is very similar in our Android, Mac and PC apps. You can find help articles on the Study Center for each platform here.

Using these two resources together will look something like this: 


Or this: 


For more details about how to use the NKJV Word Study Bible in the app, please refer to this article on the Olive Tree Blog.

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