Mac - Library

The Library is where all of your resources are located. You can access the Library by clicking on the Library icon on the toolbar.


Alternatively, you can select 'Library' and then 'Manage Library' from the top toolbar to open your Library.


Your Library will appear in a pop-up, arranged by category.


Scroll through your Library to find the book you would like to view. Select the title and then select 'Open' in the bottom right corner of the Library window to open the resource in the main window.

Library Categories

All Books

This category shows all of the resources currently in your Library. This includes both downloaded and non-downloaded resources. 


Categories such as Bibles, Bible Maps, Devotionals, etc., will be listed depending on the resources associated with your Olive Tree account. While this is helpful for users with larger libraries, this also allows you to view only the resources in a certain category, e.g. Devotionals, or see all the resources from a certain publisher or author.

Special Categories


To add a book to Favorites, select the star icon to the right of the title while viewing it in the Library.

In the Favorites tab, you can see resources that have been marked as a favorite and sort them into your preferred order to make them easier to find. To re-arrange Favorites, select and drag a title to its desired position. This option is especially helpful for users with a large library, though users with smaller libraries can also take advantage of this tab.

Recently Opened

This list shows the resources you have recently opened to make them easier to find quickly. Recently Opened can also be helpful if you need to switch back and forth between the same few resources.

Offloading and Hiding Resources

If you would like to remove a downloaded title from your Library, it can be offloaded by following these steps:

  • Select the Library icon.
  • Secondary click on the title you would like to remove. (Or hold the 'control' key and click.)
  • Select 'Offload'.


Once a title is offloaded, you will see that it now says "Not Downloaded" below it:


If you would like to hide an offloaded title in your Library, follow these steps:

  • Select the Library icon.
  • Secondary click on the offloaded title you would like to hide. (Or hold the 'control' key and click.)
  • Select 'Hide'.


Hidden resources will not show in your Library, but they will still be available for download in the Purchased Books section of the Store. Select 'Store' in the top toolbar to access Purchased Books.


Please see this article for more detailed information on downloading your purchases.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any further questions about the Library, please submit a ticket to our Support team. We are happy to help you.

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