Mac - Highlights

There are two ways to add highlights to the Scripture text in the Mac Bible Study app. The first way is by clicking on a verse number. The second way is by highlighting a specific portion of text. This article will also show you how to remove highlights from your Scripture text.

  • Verse-Based highlights: To add a highlight to a full verse, click a verse number and click 'Highlight'. This highlights whole verses at a time. These highlights are visible in the Bible text regardless of what translation of the Bible you have open.
  • Word-Based highlights: To create these, select your desired text, secondary click (2 finger, Ctrl click, or right click) on the selected text and choose 'Highlight'. These highlights are only visible in the translation in which they were made. This is because the wording of each translation differs one from another, so it's not possible to have the highlights display across multiple Bible translations.


Remove a Highlight:

To remove a verse-based highlight, click on the verse number that was selected when the highlight was added, and select 'Remove Highlights'.

To remove a word-based highlight, select the exact text associated with the highlight, then secondary click on the selected text and choose 'Remove Highlights'.

Highlights can also be removed by opening the split window. To do so, select the arrow above 'Tools & Notes' in the upper right hand corner of the app to open the split window, then go to 'My Stuff', 'Highlights'. Locate the name of the highlight you would like to remove. Then, secondary click on the highlight and choose 'Delete Highlight'.

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