I don't want any of these Bibles! How can I get past the popup?

iOS - We are sorry for this frustration. If you choose the ESV or the KJV and select 'Continue', you will see a 'Skip' option that should allow you to access the app without entering your email address. You can remove and archive the ESV or KJV from your Library later if you don't want to see the Bibles listed there.

ANDROID - Do you happen to be holding your device in landscape (horizontial) view? We have found that on some devices the skip button does not appear while in landscape view. Please try turning your device to portrait (vertical) view. A skip button should appear at the bottom of the window to allow you to access your app.

I already Bought the NIV/NKJV; can I get a refund?

We are excited to be able to offer the NIV and NKJV for free. This opportunity is made possible by a recent change in our agreements with the publishers. We hope these two Bibles will be a blessing to many users. Even though we’re able to offer these Bibles for free now, we’re not able to refund past purchases for users who bought these Bibles under our old agreements. Thank you for your understanding. 


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