6.0 iPhone/iPod - Apple Watch

The Apple Watch provides Olive Tree users with a great new study tool! We currently have added Apple Watch Support to our free app. This feature allows you to receive your "Verse of the Day" and "Verse of the Week" notifications on your Apple Watch. 

In order to receive the notifications on your Apple Watch, you will need to enable notifications on your iPhone. 

Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner, then tap "App Settings"


Tap "Notifications" to change your notification settings. Make sure that notifications are on and you are subscribed to the "Verse of the Day" and/or "Verse of the Week" notifications.


You will then receive your notifications on your Apple Watch. Tap 'Read' to go to the verse of the day.


You can also open the Apple Watch app to view Bible verses without a notification. If you tap on the Olive Tree icon found on the Apple Watch menu, the app will open to the most recent resource and verse viewed on your iPhone. You can then use the arrows to navigate back and forth between verses. Please note that this includes Greek and Hebrew resources as well. 


PLEASE NOTE: Apple Watch is currently only supported in the free Olive Tree Bible App. If you have a paid version of the app, you can access your resources and annotations within the free app with an Olive Tree account

If you are having issues with your Apple Watch app, we suggest un-syncing and re-syncing the watch with your iPhone. If this does not work, please contact our support team.

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