6.0 iPad - Tags

When you create a tag, you can associate your notes, saved passages, and highlights to one topic. You can add a tag to any highlight, saved passage, and note so that selecting the tag displays the list of all the annotations that are tied to that tag.

To create or add a tag, tap the ‘Menu’ icon. Tap the ‘Tags’ button under Study Helpers to display the ‘My Tags’ window. At the bottom of the ‘My Tags’ window, tap the ‘Create New Tag’ button to display the ‘Create Tag’ window. Enter a name for the tag you wish to create in the ‘Label’ field. Once you are done typing in the name, tap the ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner to create the tag. This takes you back to the ‘My Tags’ window where you will see the new tag listed.

Tags can be added to notes, highlights, and saved passages through the ‘Study Helpers’ section of the menu by tapping on the respective annotation type (e.g. Highlights) and then tapping on the ‘i’ icon for the annotation you want to tag. Tap the ‘Add Tag’ button under Related Tags and tap the tag you want to add. Tap the arrow in the upper left corner to return to the annotation and you’ll see the tag under ‘Related Tags’.

Tags can also be created when editing or creating a note or saved passage. With the ‘Note Editor’ window open, tap on the ‘Add Tag’ icon at the bottom of the window. This will open the ‘My Tags’ window. Tap on the ‘Tag with Topic’ button to display a list of pre-determined topics that you can use. Tap on ‘Create New Tag’ to create a new tag. Tap ‘Create’ in the upper right corner after you have chosen a name for the new tag.

Tags can be accessed and managed through the ‘Study Helpers’ section of the menu. From the ‘My Tags’ page, you can tap on each tag to see which annotations are linked to that tag. You can rename tags by tapping on the small ‘i’ icon to the right of each tag. You can delete tags by swiping to the left and tapping on the ‘Delete’ button.


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