iPhone (OT 6.0)- FAQ

How do I make my notes/text full screen?

This option is no longer an icon on the Note page. However, by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the note pop up you will be able to select full screen from the options. 

There is not currently an option to make the text area full screen with out the current margins. 

How do I change the Words of Jesus in Red in the low-light theme (a.k.a. night reading)?

It is not currently possible to customize the colors in night reading mode. However, we have recently added the option to turn off the words of Jesus in Red. 

- Tap the Menu icon.
- Select 'App Settings'
- Select 'Display Options'
- Tap the toggle switch to turn off 'Color Words of Jesus'

Where is the Verse Chooser/Go To menu?

In previous versions of the app, you could tap the 'Go To' button to access the navigation menu. In Bible Study 6.0, this button is now combined with the verse reference on the toolbar. By tapping the verse reference in the center of the toolbar, you will be able to open the familiar Go To navigation menu. You can also navigate in your open Bible or book by accessing 'Go To Verse' from the main menu. 

The menus are hard to see, is there a setting to change the colors?

We are aware that the current menus are difficult for some of our users to see. Unfortunately, there is not a way to customize these fonts. within our app. We are considering solutions for this issue. 

In the meantime, there is a system-wide, bold-text setting for iOS devices that may address this concern. This will also increase the visibility for text in other areas of your iPad/iPhone as well. Please follow the steps below to switch your device to bold text:

From your device's home screen, tap ‘Settings’ (gray gear icon).
- Tap ‘General’.
- Tap ‘Accessibility’.
- Toggle ‘Bold Text’ to 'On'.
*This will restart your device

Can I lock the screen rotation?

This feature was removed with the 6.0 update to the app. There is a setting to lock the screen rotation for your iOS device. To toggle this setting, drag up from the bottom of the screen to reveal these settings, then tap the icon for the Orientation Lock. 

Where are my bookmarks?

In the past, there was confusion about the differences between bookmarks and book ribbons, so our developers decided to rename bookmarks 'Saved Passages'. This title better describes the purpose of bookmarks, which are specific passages from Scripture that you want to save. All the bookmarks you created previously will now appear in the Saved Passages folder under Study Helpers in the menu. Book ribbons have not been affected. 

Where did my icons go (e.g. My Stuff Briefcase, A*, History)? 

With the Bible Study 6.0 design refresh, you may have noticed that several icons are missing from the toolbar. These icons were removed from the toolbar to provide a cleaner, less distracting experience while reading and studying. The items found under each of these icons have been consolidated under one menu icon in the upper left corner. The menu icon also makes some options that were hidden easier to find and access. 

My Stuff:

My Stuff (former briefcase icon) is now called Study Helpers. You can access your annotations (notes, highlights, saved passages, reading plans, tags, etc.) by selecting the appropriate option under 'Study Helpers' in the menu. 


The Quick Settings found under the A* icon are now found in the menu. You can use the A-/A+ icons at the top of the menu window to quickly change your font size. 

To access the Advanced Settings options, select 'App Settings' from the menu under 'Account and App Details'. 


To access your history, select 'Reading History' from the menu. 

You can also set up a gesture to easily access you previous passages. To set a gesture, please follow the steps below:

- Tap the Menu icon
- Select 'App Settings'
- Select 'Gestures/Shortcuts'
- Choose the actions you would like to use.

How do I use the low-light theme (a.k.a. night reading)?

One of the most exciting additions to our app in the 6.0 update is a low-light reading theme, also called night reading mode! This highly-requested feature will change the color scheme of the app to better suit low-light situations. To turn on night reading mode, tap the menu button in the upper left corner and tap the black circle next to 'Select Theme' to switch to the low light theme. Tapping on the white circle will switch the app back to the main theme. 

Please Note: There is no way to modify the low-light reading theme. If you would like to use custom colors, you will need to return to the main theme and access your color options through the App Settings section in the menu.  


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