6.0 Android Tablet - Verse Chooser

The Verse Chooser (Go To) menu is the best and fastest way to navigate through your resources in the app (Bibles, eBooks, commentaries, etc.). This article will show you how to use the Verse Chooser in the main window.

1. Tap on the "Go To" icon in the top left corner of the window to open the Verse Chooser. The icon is to the right of the Library's open book symbol and looks like three lines with three dots.

2. Tapping on this icon will bring up the three-step Verse Chooser.

3. Tap on the book of the Bible you would like to display in the main window.

4. The chapters within that book will pop up. Tap on the desired chapter.

5. The verses within that chapter will pop up. Tap on the desired verse.

The chosen book, chapter, and verse will now display in the main window.

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