6.0 Windows Desktop - Highlights

There are two ways to add highlights to the Bible on your Windows Desktop app. The first way is by clicking on a verse number. The second way is by highlighting a specific portion of text. This article will also show you how to remove highlights from your Scripture text.

Verse-Based Highlights:

To add a highlight to a full verse, click a verse number and click Highlight. Clicking on a highlight color will add the highlight to your Bible text.

Word-Based Highlights:

Word-based highlights allow you to add highlighting to a personalized amount of text. For example:

To add word-based highlights, use your mouse to select the text on your screen. From here, you can add a highlight by clicking on the plus icon Add an Annotation or by right-clicking on the selected text. Clicking a color will add the highlight to the text.

Removing a Highlight:

To remove a highlight, select the portion of text containing the highlight, right click over the highlight or click the +, select Highlight, select Remove Highlights at the top of the pop-up, and click the highlight you would like to remove. 




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