Android - What's New!

6.1 Update - New Features!


You can now receive notifications from our Android app! Notifications allow you to stay up to date with great content from Olive Tree. 

If you do not wish to receive notifications, there is a way to disable notifications within the app, please follow the steps below from within the Bible Study app on your Android device:

Tap "Settings" (A* icon)
Tap "Advanced Settings"
Tap "Notifications"
You can now turn "All Notifications" ON/OFF

Bookmarks are now called Saved Passages

In the past, there was confusion about the differences between bookmarks and book ribbons, so our developers decided to rename bookmarks 'Saved Passages'. This title better describes the purpose of bookmarks, which are specific passages from Scripture that you want to save. All the bookmarks you created previously will now appear in the Saved Passages folder of the My Stuff menu. Book ribbons have not been affected. 

6.0 Update - Exciting News

We’ve made big improvements to The Bible Study App, and we can’t wait to show them to you. The app is now faster and easier to use, plus we’ve updated the design to look great on your device.

Of course, it’s impossible to improve without at least a few things changing. Please read this introduction carefully so you can know what to expect.

Improved Library

We’ve added support for thousands of titles, including interlinears, gospel harmonies, commentaries, eBooks, and more!

We’ve also updated many of your existing resources to work more smoothly and beautifully in The Bible Study App.

Easier to Use

We’ve upgraded the user interface to be easier to use and to look amazing on your device.

  • To show and hide the toolbar, just double tap anywhere on the screen.
  • You may notice some menu options have moved. This was done to make the app faster and easier to use.
  • You can now highlight and make notes on individual words or phrases by tapping and holding to select text.

Resource Updates

We’ve updated all our resources to work with the improvements in this new version. Because of this, you'll need to re-download your resources.


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