Windows Store - Troubleshooting

We have announced that we will no longer be supporting the Windows Store app. We will continue support of the Windows Desktop app. Please refer to this article for further information on this matter. 

This guide should be used if you are experiencing problems with the Olive Tree application on your Windows 8 computer or tablet. Each problem is unique, so it’s possible that some of these steps may not be relevant to your particular issue. However, these are the first steps that our support team would take to resolve the problem. Follow this guide and only take as many steps as needed to resolve your issue.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the troubleshooting process, please feel free to contact our support team. Include a specific description of the issue you’re having and one of our support members will contact you as quickly as possible.

Trouble-shooting Steps:

If possible, sync your annotations before continuing with troubleshooting steps. You will need an Olive Tree account to sync your annotations. Sign up for an account here. You can then learn how to sync your annotations here.  

-Force close the application.
Drag from the very top of the screen (the cursor will turn into a small hand), and drag the whole window to the bottom of your screen. This should close the app, and when you attempt to open the app again, you should see the Olive Tree loading screen before the app launches.

-Logout of your account and then sign back in.
With the Bible Study app open, please open your Charms bar (Windows key + "c"), select Settings, select Account, select 'Logout'. Once you are signed out, enter you account credentials and sign back in.

-Reinstall the application from the Windows Store.
Uninstall the app first by right clicking (or swiping down) on the tile and then selecting the 'Uninstall' option. Open the Windows Store and download the Olive Tree app again.

Please let us know if you continue to experience any difficulties with the application.

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