5.4 Windows Desktop - Logging into your Olive Tree Account

Please note that this help article is for an older version of the Bible Study app. If you have installed the latest version of the app through our website, please click here for up-to-date help articles.

With an Olive Tree account, you will be able to share resources and annotations (notes, highlights, etc.) with multiple devices and have a secure back-up for your data. If you don't yet have an Olive Tree account, you can create one here

To log into your account on the Windows Desktop app, start by clicking on 'Bible+' in the upper left corner and then click 'Account'. 

A pop-up window will appear into which you can enter your Olive Tree account username (usually an e-mail address) and password. Click 'Login'. 

A pop-up window will appear to tell you the app needs to shut down and restart. Click 'OK' and the app should disappear and open again.

When the app has opened again, you will be signed into your account. You can now sync and download your books


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