Windows Store - Creating a Note

We have announced that we will no longer be supporting the Windows Store app. We will continue support of the Windows Desktop app. Please refer to this article for further information on this matter. 

Creating a Note:

To add a note to your Windows Store app, open a Bible in the main window of your app. Tap or click a verse number and choose 'Add note'. 

A note icon will appear next to the verse on the screen. After the note icon appears, the note editor will appear. This pop-up window allows you to title the note, add text, choose another note icon and edit tags for the note. The note will save automatically when you make changes.

Click or tap on the note icon to read the content of the note or to make changes.

Locating Notes in My Stuff:

To access your notes through the 'My Stuff' folder, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or click the brown bar at the bottom of the screen. Select Study from the menu and select My Stuff.

The 'My Stuff' panel shows all of the most recent annotations you have created. To find the note you're looking for, select the Notes tab. 

You will then see a list of notes you have created.

Select a note to open it in the split window. 

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