iPhone - Highlights

Adding a Highlight

There are two different ways to highlight Scripture on your iPhone. The first is a single-verse highlight and the second is highlighting a specific block of text.

Highlighting a Single Verse The first way to add a highlight is to tap on a verse number and select the “Highlight” option.

The highlight editor will pop up which allows you to title the highlight and change the highlight color.

Select a color for the highlighter to finish editing the highlight.

Highlighting a Block of Text The second way to highlight is to use the tap and hold function to select an amount of text, maybe a word or two, or several verses, and then tap the “highlight” option from the list.

Again, you get the basic color options and after choosing a color, the text you selected will be highlighted. One Important Note: Single-verse highlights, made by tapping on a verse number, will appear in every Bible translation that contains that Bible verse. Text selection highlights made by selecting a specific block of text are translation specific and will only appear in the Bible translation that they were created in.  

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