Windows Store - Downloading the App and Getting Started

We have announced that we will no longer be supporting the Windows Store app. We will continue support of the Windows Desktop app. Please refer to this article for further information on this matter. 

You can install Bible+ from the Windows Store by clicking this link on your Windows 8.1+ device. The link will open the Windows Store and you'll be able to click to install the app.

You can add the Olive Tree app to your Start page by performing the following steps.

*Swipe up from the Start page
*Press and hold on "Bible +" app
*Select pin to Start

To log into your Olive tree account, please follow these steps: 

*Tap on the Olive Tree app to open it on your tablet.
*Once the app loads, swipe in from the right side and tap on Settings.
*Tap on Account and enter your Olive Tree username and password.
*This should log you into your account.

To download your resources, tap Account, tap on the Bible/resource you want on to download, and choose download. You can also swipe down on the item and choose download in the bottom left corner. You will see a note appear in the upper right corner that says 'download in progress'. When this message disappears, tap the back arrow and tap Library. The book you downloaded will appear here. Tap on it to open it.

If you are on a Windows 7 device or would like a different experience from the Windows Store app, you can find instructions on how to download our Windows Desktop app here. 

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